Data Platforms

At SQL Dot Limited we empower some of the largest Financial Services corporations with our solutions. The three key data platform technologies we focus on are SQL Server, HP Vertica and VoltDB.

We are trusted across the sector to manage and provide increases in your profitability and compliance all whilst putting you firmly at the centre of the industry, giving you a position of strength, no matter how the market fluctuates.

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SQL Server

Gain real-time insights across your transactional and analytical data with SQL Server.

Microsoft SQL Server 2016
The latest release from Microsoft offers a secure, scalable database platform that has everything built in, from advanced analytics to unparalleled performance.

Either on-site or in the cloud
No matter whether your data is in your datacentre, private cloud, or Microsoft Azure, enjoy a consistent experience across server and database as a service.

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HP Vertica

Solve big data challenges with HP Vertica. This solution is built for companies of all sizes to monetise data at hyper-speed and at the major scale needed to differentiate in today’s competitive economic market.

Supercharge your queries
With HPE Vertica, your queries will run 50-1000x faster than any data warehouse or database technology. Experience the industry leading high-performance analytical database for yourself today.

Predictive analytics
Accelerate your large-scale statistical analysis and graph processing efforts today. Your company will benefit from achieving deeper insights by analysing much larger data sets than was previously possible.

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Volt DB

VoltDB makes instantaneous decision-making possible by combining the finest elements of modern and traditional database technology

Enhanced Speed & Performance
VoltDB is built to rapidly import, ingest on, and then export vast amounts of big data at lightning speed. Its powerful architecture couples the best of traditional transactional databases with the velocity and scalability of newer rivals.

Reliability & Consistency
Some coin the term “in-memory” akin with suggested data loss. With VoltDB you’re eliminating the risk of data loss by employing a sophisticated “behind the scenes” process, snapshotting data records at regular fractional intervals.

Recover from Power Outages
Should your system experience a power outage, our data servers can automatically replay logs and reconcile transactional data without you having to touch any settings.

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