About Us

Providing expert agile solutions and services for SQL Server, HP Vertica and VoltDB

SQL Dot Limited was set up with the mission of helping provide agile database solutions and services for three key technologies. With a lot of industries wanting to be first to market, it is often overlooked that a key part of the architecture is forgotten about. Databases have been traditionally slow and cumbersome to change. We take care of that with robust, tried and tested methods across some of the largest datasets in the world.

We have changed clients release cycles from quarterly down to daily following even the strictest sign-off processes. The key has to be acceptance and confidence on all levels from executive management down to the development team members.

SQL Limited Office RightCommitted to Quality

Quality not Quantity is what we do

We are committed to continuously improving our solutions and services to meet and exceed our customers’ requirements.

With quality as the main focus, our solutions withstand the test of time. We take any future developments our services are focused on into account when designing any solution. This is especially true for Cloud services with the rapid release cycles.