Cross Channel Marketing Platform

Delivering Data at Scale 

With the many challenges the Cross Channel Marketing Platform presented, our goal was to create a solution to enable rapid development on the Analytics side of the platform.

We had to overcome numerous issues which fell beyond the capabilities of Vendor offerings for ETL/Replication. We created a bespoke data/schema transfer utility which allowed all teams to carry on with new innovations. This allowed the clients full flexibility to carry on enjoying the benefits the platform provided. As a result there is strong client satisfaction and a healthy client on boarding rate.

SQL Dot Limited are solid, problem-solving engineers. Their knowledge of SQL Server and the whole Microsoft Business Intelligence suite is comprehensive. They are also incredibly smart and have a knack for thinking up novel elegant solutions to difficult challenges and then conveying them in a modest and straightforward manner. At Experian we worked together on some fairly large databases and their experience was crucial to our success.

GC US Head of Development


For a more detailed look into the Cross Channel Marketing Platform, why not take a look on the Experian Website http://www.experian.co.uk/marketing-services/products/cross-channel-platform.html