Kingston Smith

Revolutionary Database Management

Creating an In-House Data Solution

A top 20 accountancy firm, Kingston Smith are certainly an impressive company. The company of business advisors and chartered accountants has been established since the 1920s and their experience shows for it. So, when we got the chance to provide a data solution for Kingston Smith and take them on-board as new clients, we couldn’t wait to get started.

Here at SQL, we offer a range of services to our clients including but not limited to cloud services, database management and technical support. We always strive to provide our clients with the utmost expertise and a professional service that gets the job done in the most efficient way possible. Kingston Smith approached us with a need for a revolutionised way for their accountants to access and work with their client’s data.

We began a project with Kingston Smith that was named ‘Cohere’. Essentially, this project would involve our consultants assisting in storing data from client’s account packages into Kingston Smith’s central repository. As always, our goal is to ensure that any data management or handling becomes a smoother process than it was before.

Kingston Smith were originally looking at various software as a service vendors and weren’t able to find a suitable solution. This problem arose from the firm not being able own the actual data in question which prevented an external solution being used. Nothing seemed to be available for the company which would work for their specific needs but here at SQL we were able to provide the right skill set and experience.

We designed an Excel add-in using C# that the accountants at Kingston Smith could interact with. Then, we designed a new database which could make the accounts management process easier and more effective. This project used new methods and that’s something we’re exceptionally proud of. In particular, the intricacies of the work in this project for Kingston Smith is one of the biggest achievements for us.

However, there were also some extra success in this project. We delivered the work quickly and efficiently – which we always aim for. Each stage of Cohere was laid out clearly to the client so that they could consistently see it was heading in the right direction. We definitely think we passed on a lot of expertise to Kingston Smith and our agile approach to dates and timing certainly helped to build a great repertoire. Whilst the work was ongoing, we were constantly making referrals and additional suggestions in how we think other processes could be made more efficient. We like to take this approach with all our clients – flexibility is key. Alongside all of this, the project also came in under budget!


Working with SQL was overall a really positive experience. SQL were very knowledgeable and commercially aware which of course made the entire process a lot smoother. They were accessible when we needed guidance and very understanding with any issues we encountered along the way.

Stuart Cobbe Assistant Manager