Database Lifecycle Management

DLM is the process of developing, deploying and maintaining databases more competently.

By having discipline to stick with versioning databases, configuration management, and source control, you can allow for easier development and protection against unauthorised changes to production database.

How can we help?

We are not here to demand you change the way you do database development.

At SQL Dot Limited, we are simply aiming to provide suggestions, consultancy and tools that allow you to see the ‘big-picture’ view of the processes, the pain points, the current issues and the places where ‘technical debt’ is accruing.

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We can assist and support your business in:

  • A Technical Analysis of your requirements analysis
  • Choosing the suitable Products or Platforms
  • Design of the suitable Platform
  • Implementation of Products or Platforms
  • Integration with your existing infrastructure and processes
  • Ongoing Optimisation – on-site, remote, or on-call where required

Our experts focus on the on-going development and optimisation to ensure operational excellence. The database suggestions and configurations will perfectly match your compliance and disaster protection requirements.

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