SQL Intersection Autumn/Fall 2017 Day 2

SQL Intersection

12th November 2017

If you ever wanted to know everything, ever about Extended Events this workshop is a must!

Craig Ottley-Thistlethwaite Director

It’s Day 2 at theĀ SQL Intersection conference, Day 1 went well and I still manage to head to bed early but wake up even earlier that yesterday! I’m booked into Jonathan Kehayias pre-conference workshop on: Extended Events WTF or FTW!

The day is split up like yesterday. We started at 09:00 and finished around 16:15 with someone making what I thought was a funny remark. “This truly is an extended event, you’ve gone over your time!”. Lunch today was much better than Yesterday, It’s a Monday and there is considerably more people at the event!

Session content was great, Jonathan went through the history of sql trace/profiler and then onto why use Extended Events. I’ve read Jonathan’s 31 days of Extended events and also the small piece in Chapter 2 of the Microsoft SQL Server Internals 2012 book. These alone are good, but putting everything together in the workshop really made a difference and I remember things better this way. Jonathan’s presenting style is also fun and interactive.